Combat Thieves With Security Film

sledge hammer security window film

Whether it’s your home or business, there is little as important as keeping not only your loved ones safe, but also your prized possessions from computers, jewelry, or whatever else you’d like to keep safe behind your walls, or windows for that matter.

A window left unprotected is the most vulnerable area of your home or business. Left unsecured, it can be easy target for burglars or threats to your family. Plus, unprotected, windows are easily damaged, yet a very costly expense to repair or replace.

So what can be done about keeping them safe and secure? We here at Los Angeles Window Tint Pros have a range of products that can be applied from frosted window film to less obvious clear coat security films. We offer products from a range of suppliers, including the highest rated 3M and SolarGard products.

Why Security Film?

Take one look at a home that has bars installed, and you instantly get a sinking feeling. Visually unappealing, they are among the furthest things from being an esthetic feature for your home or business! In addition from blocking a clear view from the window, they can be a real pain in the you know what to install.

Our Safety and Security Window Films are customized to fit your exact specifications. Do you have narrow, tall windows? No problem, our field technician Chris has long arms and a ladder! Are your windows the wide variety? Jose can get that cut to size in our shop in no time.

In addition to being easily installed and prepped, this translates to not only being easier for you, but also a better use of your budget. When we need less hours, you pay less! And lets face it, that’s almost just as much of a win as keeping your belongings safe!

How Does It Work?

Security Window Films work by creating a bond between the glass and the film. Film isn’t something that can be “shattered” like glass, and isn’t easily cut. This means that when an object is thrown into it, or a blunt force smash is applied with something like a hammer or a bat, the window remains intact and glass is held together. Not only does this work for preventing or hindering break ins, but also is a big help in tropical areas that can be affected by severe storms.

Not only does it work to keep your windows intact, there are a range of models available that our expert sales staff can recommend based on your preferences, from features such as better protection to others that double as UV and Solar Window Tint.

Keep your home or business safe and be sure to call our team today, you’ll be glad you did!

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