Hotels Install Solar Blocking Window Film to Enhance Energy Performance

hotel saves energy with window film

When a hotel client chooses whether or not to book at the same hotel, the biggest deciding factor in their choice is based upon guestroom convenience. The amount of noise, the mattress on the bed, quality of lighting in the rooms, how much water pressure, temperature in the room – all of these are aspects that influence the experience guests have in a hotel.

In a J.D. Power and Associates research study completed in 2012 on similar complaints amongst hotel visitors, temperature/heating/cooling concerns were the top three (immediately after sound levels and untidy rooms). A guestroom that is either too warm or too cold will likely make sleeping difficult, to work efficiently, and even feel comfortable.

Numerous things can influence a the temperature level in a hotel room: malfunctioning cooling and heating equipment, heat gain from the sun or the loss of heat through windows, lack of air flow, level of humidity, and so on. Figuring out the real cause can assist you to choose the most energy-efficient and cost-effective option.

To assist managing the temperature in a room in circumstances when heat gain from the sun and the loss of heat happens, hotels throughout the United States are discovering success with low-e window film that delivers high performance. The best window film option can enhance the insulation of already installed windows; it can minimize heat gain from the sun throughout the warmest months of the year, and might likewise avoid the loss of heat during the cooler months of the year.

Take a look at how these popular hotels took the complaints of guests seriously and made use of solar limiting window film to enhance the level of comfort.

Marriott Hotel

Winston-Salem, NC

The Winston-Salem, North Carolina Marriott, was having issues with their heating and cooling system: The guestrooms were getting a great deal of light from the sun, their air conditioning and heating units had not been able to keep the temperature below 78 degrees farenheit. Grievances about the guest room temperature triggered the hotel to examine possible options, and the installation of low-e window tint was done to help fix the guest room temperature issues.

Once the window film was installed, the hotel’s cooling and heating system had the ability to cool the hotel rooms to 72 degrees Farenheit – which is 6 degrees less than previously. The hotel’s yearly air conditioning and heating expenses are projected to reduce by a minimum of 5 %, conserving $24,000 each year. Forecasted repayment for the installation is roughly 3 years.

Hyatt Regency

Houston, TX

The Hyatt Regency in Houston, Texas (924,000-square-foot building) was getting complaints grievances about the temperature from their guests because of heat gain from the sun (with more complaints coming from the two southern sides). The Hyatt Regency was trying to find some way to address this issue, and was likewise interested in decreasing its yearly energy bill of $1.6 million .

The hotel chose to have low-e window tint installed to assist in decreasing heat gain from the sun, in addition to an vast sub-metering system so the staff of the hotel might keep track of the rooms that had window film installed. Also, the sub-meters determined the amount of energy used in the guest rooms that didn’t have window film installed so that energy-use contrasts might be determined.

According to the information compiled by the sub-meters, the guest rooms that had low-e, commercial window film ended up with a 23% reduction in energy use by cooling equipment and a 25% reduction in energy used by heating equipment. The cost of energy savings supplied a complete repayment in just over three-and-a-half years, based on nationwide typical setup costs along with accounting for an energy-efficiency rebate from their energy utility company.

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Combat Thieves With Security Film

sledge hammer security window film

Whether it’s your home or business, there is little as important as keeping not only your loved ones safe, but also your prized possessions from computers, jewelry, or whatever else you’d like to keep safe behind your walls, or windows for that matter.

A window left unprotected is the most vulnerable area of your home or business. Left unsecured, it can be easy target for burglars or threats to your family. Plus, unprotected, windows are easily damaged, yet a very costly expense to repair or replace.

So what can be done about keeping them safe and secure? We here at Los Angeles Window Tint Pros have a range of products that can be applied from frosted window film to less obvious clear coat security films. We offer products from a range of suppliers, including the highest rated 3M and SolarGard products.

Why Security Film?

Take one look at a home that has bars installed, and you instantly get a sinking feeling. Visually unappealing, they are among the furthest things from being an esthetic feature for your home or business! In addition from blocking a clear view from the window, they can be a real pain in the you know what to install.

Our Safety and Security Window Films are customized to fit your exact specifications. Do you have narrow, tall windows? No problem, our field technician Chris has long arms and a ladder! Are your windows the wide variety? Jose can get that cut to size in our shop in no time.

In addition to being easily installed and prepped, this translates to not only being easier for you, but also a better use of your budget. When we need less hours, you pay less! And lets face it, that’s almost just as much of a win as keeping your belongings safe!

How Does It Work?

Security Window Films work by creating a bond between the glass and the film. Film isn’t something that can be “shattered” like glass, and isn’t easily cut. This means that when an object is thrown into it, or a blunt force smash is applied with something like a hammer or a bat, the window remains intact and glass is held together. Not only does this work for preventing or hindering break ins, but also is a big help in tropical areas that can be affected by severe storms.

Not only does it work to keep your windows intact, there are a range of models available that our expert sales staff can recommend based on your preferences, from features such as better protection to others that double as UV and Solar Window Tint.

Keep your home or business safe and be sure to call our team today, you’ll be glad you did!

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