Energy Savings With Window Film

residential window film energy savings

Most often, we typically face inquiries for an installation of solar film to exterior commercial, residential, or industrial windows to help combat the heat, and create a more comfortable environment to work or live.

One of the best advantages that a solar film installation can provide is cost savings. With energy prices as high as they are and annual increases abundant in nearly every community across North America, the cost for electricity becomes more and more expensive. Come the summer months when the air conditioners are running throughout the day or evenings, and that’s a recipe for some steep electricity bills!

So what can be done about it? With our range of solar window film products, hot spots are reduced as well as providing additional UV Protection for maximum comfort. Add this all together, and a standard single family home can often save as much as 25% on their energy bills on an annual basis!

For properties with more windows that battle the sun during peak hours such as commercial offices, or those in hospitality such as restaurants or hotels, the savings can be even more significant. In a recent 25-floor hotel project, the client saw a reduction of energy bills by 24%, to create a payback period of 8 months on their installation. More importantly, the offset annual CO2 emmissions from the reduced usage of energy-hogging air conditioners created a further benefit to their mission to be an environmentally friendly property.

Air Conditioning Not Always Best!

For general office environments, the typical thought to combat the warm office space is adding increased air conditioning through a larger rooftop unit. This is costly in a variety of ways. First, getting big equipment onto a rooftop involves the use of cranes and shutting down access to traffic around the building. This is not only very costly for the installation but also inconvenient due to the interference with traffic around the unit.

Secondly, the cost of a typical commercial air conditioning unit is a significant expense. Note the word expense over investment, as this equipment tends to require additional repairs and maintenance, as well as an increase in utility costs, hardly an investment!


Our solar film installations are quick with very little downtime to your business. In addition, the capital cost to purchase window tint versus equipment such as a heat pump or air conditioner is a significant saving. Furthermore, with each month that passes, your energy bills go down, instead of increasing due to additional air conditioning capacity in your office, home, or business. This provides continual savings, and an investment that provides ongoing value!

For your next window film job, be sure to contact the pros at Los Angeles Window Tinting Pros!

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